Parliamentary question on the National Action Plan on Drugs, by a Member of the Party “To Potami”

“Diogenis”, together with the other member-organizations of the greek ‘NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances”, has repeatedly expressed its concerne regarding to the fact that the Greek State has not yet an approved Drug Strategy and an Action Plan.
We are very pleased that the Greek parliament is taking the initiative to address a parliamentary question on this issue and we hope that the Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister, as the competent national authorities, will undertake the responsibility of implementing the national law on addictive substances. According to this law, the Prime Minister should convene the Interministerial Committee, that will approve the National Strategy and Action Plan on drugs, and will submit the relevant proposals to the Greek parliament.

The NGO Platform on psychoactive substances requested to be represented in the National Planning and Coordination Committee responsible for addressing drug issues, but have not yet received a response. We hope that the Greek parliament will take the needed legislative initiatives, with the aim of active involvement and equal  participation of Civil Society in the policy-making process.  Read more

Drug Law: the need to inform law enforcement authorities

On Wednesday 23th, KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals), the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece, published a press release regarding the case of one of its members, who got imprisoned for offences committed 10 years before, during the period of his drug dependence. While, at the phase of social reintegration, the member had successfully overcome his addiction and has started to work. Despite that fact, the court rejected his request for a trial in accordance with the latest law on drugs 4139/2013.  Moreover, he has been placed in a prison, at Chios island, where there is no counseling services or rehabilitation program, regardless of the request to be transferred at the prison of Korydalos, where relevant services are available. Read more

Meeting with the Minister of Health, Mr. Ksanthos.

Meeting with the Minister of Health, Mr. Ksanthos, took place on Monday 14/11/2016, with representatives of the “Greek NGO Platform on Psychoactive Substances”. The meeting took place at the request of partner organizations, which are based on multi and interdisciplinary experience in the implementation of interventions in the field of psychoactive substances and drug policy, presented the priorities and requests to the Minister.

The positions and proposals of the Platform, to the Minister of Health, can be seen at the following link:

Letters to the P.M. and the Ministers of Health & Justice.

Letters to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice was sent by the six NGOs – members of the “NGO Platform on psychoactive substances”, calling for the necessary and immediate initiatives to be taken, aimed at implementing a coordinated policy geared to public health and human rights.

You can read the Press Release here (ENG)

The Greek “Platform of NGOs for psychoactive substances” consists of the following organizations: “DIOGENIS – Drug Policy Dialogue”, “POSITIVE VOICE”, “CENTRE FOR LIFE” in support of people living with HIV / AIDS, «PROMITHEAS – Liver Patient Association of Greece”, “GREEK DRUG USERS UNION” and “PRAKSIS”. –

Presentation of the “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances”

Athens, 29/6/2016


The Greek “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances” consists of NGOs based in Greece which are actively working in the field psychoactive substances. By “psychoactive substances” and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) we mean: every substance that, when taken in or administered into one’s system, affect mental processes (e.g. cognition or affect). This term is one of the most neutral and descriptive term for the whole class of substances – controlled or not – and does not necessarily imply dependence- producing and does not promote stigma.

“The main objective of the “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances” is to strengthen the cooperation between NGOs and the dialogue with the competent authorities to implement a coordinated and effective drug policy, oriented to public health and human rights”

The Greek “Platform for Psychoactive substances” consists of the following organizations: “DIOGENIS” Drug Policy Dialogue, “POSITIVE VOICE” the Association of People Living with HIV in Greece, “CENTRE FOR LIFE” for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS, “PROMETHEUS” Hellenic Liver Patient Association, the Greek “DRUG & SUBSTITUTE USERS UNION” and “PRAKSIS”

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PRESS RELEASE- International Harm Reduction Day – A call to protest

Athens, 6/5/2016
May 7th: International Harm Reduction Day
A Call to Protest

On the occasion of the International Harm Reduction Day, “NGO Platform on Psychoactive substances” calls all the relevant stakeholders and interested parties, actively working in the field of Harm Reduction, to gather and protest at the entrance of the Ministry of Health, on Monday, May 9th, at 13.00.

A relevant press release, highlighting the need to enhance and extend harm reduction interventions, their evidence-based effectiveness at global level and the importance of reviewing the existing legal framework in order to better support both the associated activities and the beneficiaries, was also published a year ago. However, despite promises made by the political leadership of the Health Ministry, during the presentation of the annual EMCDDA report in June 2015,  that Harm Reduction interventions will be shielded and protected, no progress has been made in any of our requests.

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