“DIOGENIS” – Drug Policy Dialogue – is a non-profit organisation, whose main objectives are: (a). to promote drug policy dialogue in Southeast Europe and drug law reform oriented toward public health and human rights and (b). to enhance the cooperation with national and international authorities working in the field of drugs and (c). to monitor all the latest developments at national, regional, EU and international level.

“DIOGENIS” is working in this direction through cooperation networks at national, regional, European and international level. More specifically, the organizations seeks and promotes cooperation with: the responsible policy makers, NGOs and organizations – providing services in the area of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and social (re)integration – law enforcement authorities, scientists, research institutions, and civil society.

Our activities focus on the following areas

Organizing and coordinating informal drug policy dialogues (meetings, conferences and seminars) at National, Regional and International level

Monitoring of international trends and developments, highlighting in particular all the latest developments within the European Union and the United Nations. “DIOGENIS” holds the consultative status (Consultative Status) of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Coordination of the project: “Strengthening NGO capacity and promoting public health and human
rights oriented drug policy in South Eastern Europe” in collaboration with the NGO Aksion Plus (Albania), Association Margina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), NGO 4life (Montenegro), Association Prevent (Serbia)

Cooperation and support of the interbalkan organization “Drug Policy Network in South East Europe” (DPNSEE), involving NGOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, FYROM, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia

Coordination of the “Drug Law Reform” project in South East Europe, in cooperation with scientific institutions (universities and research centers) of SEE countries

Encourage a constructive dialogue between relevant state bodies, organizations, services, competent authorities and civil society responsible to formulate and implement drug policy in practice, by publishing leaflets (briefing papers), policy dialogue reports and newsletters

Coordination of and participation in the “Platform of NGOs on Psychoactive Substances“, working in the field of drugs in Greece. Currently, the participating NGOs are: “DIOGENIS” – Drug Policy Dialogue, POSITIVE VOICE” – Association of Seropositive Greece, “CENTRE OF LIFE” – for the support of the people living with HIV/AIDS, “PRAKSIS”, “PROMETHEUS” – Hellenic Liver Patient Association and “GREEK DRUG & SUBSTITUTE USERS’ UNION”