Presentation of the “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances”

Athens, 29/6/2016


The Greek “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances” consists of NGOs based in Greece which are actively working in the field psychoactive substances. By “psychoactive substances” and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) we mean: every substance that, when taken in or administered into one’s system, affect mental processes (e.g. cognition or affect). This term is one of the most neutral and descriptive term for the whole class of substances – controlled or not – and does not necessarily imply dependence- producing and does not promote stigma.

“The main objective of the “NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances” is to strengthen the cooperation between NGOs and the dialogue with the competent authorities to implement a coordinated and effective drug policy, oriented to public health and human rights”

The Greek “Platform for Psychoactive substances” consists of the following organizations: “DIOGENIS” Drug Policy Dialogue, “POSITIVE VOICE” the Association of People Living with HIV in Greece, “CENTRE FOR LIFE” for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS, “PROMETHEUS” Hellenic Liver Patient Association, the Greek “DRUG & SUBSTITUTE USERS UNION” and “PRAKSIS”

Through cooperation and coordination, we set as our priorities: promoting policies oriented to public health and human rights; promoting a constructive dialogue among the competent authorities, people who use psychoactive substances and Civil Society dealing with these issues; the continues update on international developments in policy and scientific research in the field of psychoactive substances; the review and immediate implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan on Drugs with the participation of all stakeholders and Civil Society; promoting of a comprehensive policy on Harm Reduction with a realistic sustainability plan; the decriminalization/depenalization of people who use psychoactive substances and the implementation of targeted interventions aiming to promote social integration and stigma elimination faced by people who use psychoactive substances.

Contact Person:

Galinaki Sofia

Advocacy Officer 

DIOGENIS Drug Policy Dialogue

[email protected]