1st Informal Drug Policy Dialogue, Greece

Orthodox Academy of Crete, 4 – 5 June 2004

The Crete conference in 2004 paved the road for the meetings that followed. Speaking about the motives that underlie the current round of drug policy initiatives, questions have been raised like: Is there a widening distance between theory and law on the one hand, and policy practices and implementation on the other? How can potential conflicts with treaties or growing international tensions about diverging policy trends be addressed and resolved? How can the terms and climate of the global debate be improved and what role could the specialized UN and regional agencies play in the process?

A strong preference has been expressed for the facilitating character of these meetings as opposed to becoming an ‘operative’ group. If the discussions, suggestions and proposals during the meetings result in action at the decision-making level of governments, international fora and, in the end, at the UN level, the goal of the meetings will have been achieved.
It has been decided that the continuation of the ‘informal drug policy dialogue’ series should be orientated towards the UNGASS evaluation in 2008. A series of similar meetings could be planned in the years to come, focussing on specific themes relevant for the UNGASS evaluation, and possibly a bigger and more open global conference could be considered for 2007 in synergy with other international drug policy initiatives.

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