Comments of the Association Diogenis on the Greek National Drug Strategy (2013-2020) and the Action Plan on Drugs (2013-2016)

In addition to points raised in the letter of the NGOs Positive Voice, Praksis, Diogenis, Centre for Life, Promitheas and the Greek Drug and Substitute Users Union, the Association Diogenis referred in a memorandum to the National Coordinator on some specific issues which are directly related to goals and objectives of Diogenis. In its reaction Diogenis comments and makes suggestions on the issue of dialogue with society, the proposed epidemiological research, the major challenges in addressing drugs in modern society, the decriminalization of use, the issue of cooperation between police and service providers on the level of the community, the issue of cannabis, the availability and access to essential medicines, the treatment of addiction and finally the international cooperation including the cooperation in South Eastern Europe.

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