Drug Consumption Rooms: majority vote for provision allowing their establishment

Today, Thursday 7/3/2019, the legal provision allowing the establishment of Drug Consumption Rooms in Greece was adopted by majority vote (229 ‘in favor’, 32 ‘against’ and 1 ‘present’) in the pleanary session of the Parliament.

According to this provision, Article 91 par.3 of the proposed law submitted by the Ministry of Health (“Private Clinics Statutory Framework, Modernization and Reformative recommendations, The National Public Health Organization establishment, the National Institute of Neoplasms and the other provisions establishment”): 

“The approved bodies of Article 51 (Law 4139/2013) can operate supervised drug consumption sites. Within these supervised drug consumption sites services for safer drug use and harm reduction and reduction of drug-related negative consequences are provided. The objective of supervised drug consumption sites’ operation is to promote the health of active drug users, to protect public health, to reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases among drug dependent individuals, to prevent and effectively address overdose cases through early intervention, to reduce public nuisance, to motivate and prepare drug users for entering treatment programs. Terms and conditions for the establishment and operation of supervised drug consumption sites, staffing and facility issues,  the creation, compliance and operation of service recipients’ Registry record and every other related issue will be determined upon decision of the Minister of Health. The supervised drug consumption sites will operate following an authorization granted by decision of the Minister of Health. The possession and use of drugs from service recipients and within the supervised drug consumption site will not be considered a criminal offence provided that they are registered in the Service Recipients’ Record”