Parliamentary question on the National Action Plan on Drugs, by a Member of the Party “To Potami”

“Diogenis”, together with the other member-organizations of the greek ‘NGO Platform for Psychoactive Substances”, has repeatedly expressed its concerne regarding to the fact that the Greek State has not yet an approved Drug Strategy and an Action Plan.
We are very pleased that the Greek parliament is taking the initiative to address a parliamentary question on this issue and we hope that the Ministry of Health and the Prime Minister, as the competent national authorities, will undertake the responsibility of implementing the national law on addictive substances. According to this law, the Prime Minister should convene the Interministerial Committee, that will approve the National Strategy and Action Plan on drugs, and will submit the relevant proposals to the Greek parliament.

The NGO Platform on psychoactive substances requested to be represented in the National Planning and Coordination Committee responsible for addressing drug issues, but have not yet received a response. We hope that the Greek parliament will take the needed legislative initiatives, with the aim of active involvement and equal  participation of Civil Society in the policy-making process. 

The question at the Parliament was posed by a PM representing the party “To Potami” and had the following three parts:

“1) Has the National Planning and Coordination Committee for addressing the drug problem been established? If so, what is its composition and how many times has met?
2) Ηas the National Action Plan for Drugs been prepared and approved ?
3) Ηave the annual reports been prepared in accordance with Article 50, par. 2 of the law 4139/2013 for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016? If so, have they been submitted to the competent committee of the Greek Parliament? Αlso, have the planned actions been evaluated in parallel?”