Greek NGOs ask the immediate replacement of the existing health provision 39a and the amendment of the legal framework on the control of infectious diseases

The NGOs POSITIVE VOICE – CENTRE FOR LIFE- PRAKSIS – Association of of people in therapy by OKANA – Association DIOGENIS and PROMETHEUS express in a letter to deputy Minister of Health Zetta Makri their satisfaction for signing the ” Action Plan to address the HIV / AIDS epidemic among intravenous drug users in the centre of Athens and throughout Greece “.

They also highlight some points that , in their opinion , need to be settled in order to properly implement the plan. The organizations argue that the objectives to be achieved are unclear, which makes them non- measurable by the evaluation and propose to describe the specific objectives more clearly. The plan should include a timetable for implementation of the proposed actions and also a budget as has been proposed by the committee of coordination and action .

The Non Governmental organizations reiterate their criticism to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (HCDCP) for its cooperation during the operations for mandatory HIV tests and violations of privacy principles and calls the deputy minister to put pressure on the board of HCDCP to meet more adequate the transparency rules . The NGOs note that the Ministry of Health will significantly help to avoid the mistakes of the past, when it will decide to replace immediately the existing health provision 39a and will amend the legal framework for the control of infectious diseases . If these changes are not accepted the NGOs have serious doubts whether the coordination and the action plan itself will succeed to avoid serious mistakes of the past .

You can read the open letter in Greek here.