International Harm Reduction Day: Persons Who Use Drugs Count!

On the occasion of the International Harm Reduction Day (May 7th), organization “Diogenis – Drug Policy Dialogue”, continues its awareness campaign entitled “Persons Who Use Drugs Count”. May 7th was established as the International Harm Reduction day by the international civil society in 2014, with the aim to promote evidence-based harm reduction interventions, focusing on respect for human rights and public health.

“Harm Reduction” is used as a general term to define interventions, programs and policies that seek to reduce the harmful consequences related to drug use and which affect individuals, communities and society (Regh et al. 2010). This is a pragmatic and integrative approach, consisting of a comprehensive package of interventions tailored to the local conditions and the corresponding needs of people using psychoactive substances as well as those of the wider community.

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