Letter of NGOs to the Greek Minister of Health, on the issue of medical use of cannabis.

The co-operating organizations for the establishment and co-ordination of the Hellenic Observatory on Medical Use of Cannabis, on the occasion of the signing of the Joint Ministerial Decision between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice on the transport of cannabis and its resin from Table A of Table B of Law 3459/2006 (Government Gazette 103 A), as amended and in force with law no. 4139/2013 “, issued a letter to the Minister of Health, Mr. Xanthos.

You can read the whole letter here.

The co-signatories:
“DIOGENIS – Drug Policy Dialogue” www.diogenis.info
“Eleutherian Association of Dependence” (ELEYSYNA) »http://elefsyna.org/
“HELIOSPORI – Network for Social and Political Ecology” http://iliosporoi.net/
“MAMAKA – MAMAs for Kannabe (MAMMAKA)” Association https://www.facebook.com/groups/farmakeftikikannavi/
“Butterfly Effect Cooperative” Network for Social Health http://thebutterflyeffectcooperative.org/