Letter towards the General Secretary of the Health Ministry on the “Elimination of the waiting list and the direct access of drug users in treatment – substitution programs”


On October 26, 2015, we addressed a letter towards Mr. John Baskozos – General Secretary of the Health Ministry, by which the signatory NGOs – «Diogenis», PRAKSIS, Greek Association of People living with HIV “Positive Voice“, “Center for Life” for the support of people living with HIV/AIDS,  Hellenic Liver Patients Association “Prometheus” and the Greek Drug & Substitute Users Union – welcome his statement concerning the elimination of  the waiting list within the next year and the direct access of drug users in treatment/substitution programs provided by the Hellenic Organization Against Drugs. With this letter, we are stressing out the need for such interventions and declare our support for any related initiative. As representatives of civil society, we remain vigilant as far as it concerns the implementation of the promises made by the state, while ensuring that the quality of the provided services is going to be maintained at the necessary quality levels for the needs of all beneficiaries.

You can read the letter here in Greek.