Open dialogue meeting in Cyprus.

On Wednesday, May 30th, “Diogenis Drug Policy Dialogue” organized an open dialogue meeting in Nicosia with the topic “Drug policy and harm reduction in the context of the economic crisis”.

Representatives of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority, Public Mental Health Services of Cyprus and 4 Civil Society Organizations (KENTHEA, Cyprus Institute of Psychotherapy, Direct Access and Harm Reduction Program “Stohos”, Solidarity Movement for AIDS) were present at the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was to provide updated information of the current state of drug policy and harm reduction in Cyprus through the experience of all stakeholders, and also to identify possible proposals to address current barriers and challenges.

The meeting was implemented in the framework of the “New Approaches to Harm Reduction Policies and Practices” (NAHRPP) program, in which “Diogenis” participates as a partner and is funded by the EU with co-funding from the Open Society Founties.

A related report of the meeting will be published shortly.