Positive is the report of the Working Group for the Medical Use of Cannabis

The report of the Working Group for the Medical Use of Cannabis delivered to the Health Minister, Mr. Xanthos, was published yesterday, Wednesday 22.02.2017. We are very pleased with this development, as in a recent letter Diogenis together with other Civil Society organizations requested official information regarding the progress of the Working Group’s tasks.

The Working Group for the Medical Use of Cannabis has been established by the decision of the Minister of Health on 18.07.2016 with the following main purposes:

to assess the current experience

to study the existing legislative framework and

to formulate evidence based proposals concerning the regulatory framework and the necessary legislative changes to allow medical use of preparations containing cannabinoids

In its report the Working Group states that:

“the pharmacological properties of cannabis either in the form of substances active in the plant or in the form of  extracts or parts of the plant are acceptable” and considers “necessary the direct access of patients into these products also in Greece”

Moreover, the Working Group is pointing out that the existing legal framework allows the production and distribution of cannabis for medical use, by providing for this procedure state monopoly, giving decisive power to the Minister of Health and consultative role to the national Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Additionally, the report describes the possibility to open the production or distribution of cannabis to natural or legal persons other than the state monopoly with the appropriate legislative intervention in the law nr.4139 /2013.

These developments represent a positive step regarding the dialogue around this issue, that has been initiated during the last couple of years and we hope that patients will soon have the needed access to cannabis for medical use who’s medical and healing properties are demonstrated in an ever-increasing  scientific evidence

“DIOGENES” underlines the importance of promoting an integrated model, which will not be dominated by the pursuit of commercial interests and financial gain and will be a substantial contribution to combating the illicit production and trafficking.