Raise the volume! (and listen to our radio broadcasts…)

The internet radio show “the Jar”, has started in May, at the internet radio station “Klimax Plus Radio”.

The first 4 broadcasts, with important guests, are now available through the follow links:

  • On May 10th, Mr Thanasis Apostolou, Director of the NGO Diogenis, was with us at the studio, discussing about the upcoming (at that time) UNGASS 2016, where he represented “Diogenis” as an NGO with consultative status on ECOSOC.   https://youtu.be/SG_Upy2iweI
  • On May 25th, there are news of the activities of the Civil Society Organizations, at the first trimester of 2016, at the area of South East Europe, through the Drub Policy Network of SE Europe (DPNSEE).  https://youtu.be/x8AGOga2Mco
  • Ms Marianella Kloka, Advocacy Officer of NGO Praksis, was our guest on June 1st, talking with her about the New Phsychoactive Substances, in Greece and Europe.  https://youtu.be/E3oLsvzcsKM
  • The Director of Harm Reduction Activities of the NGO “Promitheas”, Mr Hassan Malekian, discussed with us on June 15th, about the Hepatitis C and Drug Use. https://youtu.be/C4GbrHvqN6oEnjoy the listening!