Report on meeting of NGOs and National Coordinators of SE Europe

“Diogenis, Drug Policy Dialogue” in co-operation with the “Drug Policy Network in South East Europe” (DPNSEE) and the Office for Combating Drugs of the republic of Serbia, organised a meeting between representatives of National Authorities responsible for Drug Policy in the Countries of the South East European Region and NGOs working in the drugs field in these counties, took place in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main issues discussed at the meeting were:
a. The current situation of cooperation between National Authorities and NGOs in the field of Drugs. Positive experiences and challenges that require action in the future.
b. Mutual expectations of good cooperation between NGOs and national authorities. The possible benefit of a good relationship between NGOs and State authorities and models of NGO participation in decision making that exist in the countries of the region. Conditions that are required for a meaningful participation.
c. The developments in drug policy in the coming years and in particular the implementation of the recommendations of the UNGASS 2016 “outcome document” and the co-operation between Civil Society and national authorities. Areas of co-operation between NGOs and the competent authorities that can contribute to a more humane and effective drug policy.
d. Structures of co-operation between the states of the South East European region that can be used to promote the drug policy issue as a priority on their agenda.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss about the cooperation between authorities and NGOs at the national level, open up the possibility to exchange information and experiences of good practices and reflect on perspectives of future cooperation. This meeting was part of the activities of the action plan 2018 of the project “Strengthening NGO capacity and promoting public health and human rights oriented drug policy in South Eastern Europe”, financially supported by the European Commission and the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

You can read the full report here.