Report: Regional Conference, 8-10 June 2017 Thessaloniki.

The Annual Regional Drug Policy Conference in South East Europe 2017 was organised in Thessaloniki from 8-10 June 2017, under the title:

“Drug policy challenges and implementation in South East Europe”

The Regional Conference aimed to: bring together NGOs, policy makers and researchers active in the field of drugs across the region of South East Europe, in order to discuss drug policy developments and trends, exchange experiences and best practices in the region, Europe and the United Nations. Invited were members of NGOs active in the field, members of the Drug Policy Network in South East Europe (DPNSEE), policy makers and academics. This regional conference was part of the regional project “Strengthening NGO capacity and promoting public health and human rights oriented drug policy in South East Europe”, supported financially by the European Commission and the Open Society Foundations.

You can read or download the report (eng) here.