Strong protest against the closure of the Supervised injecting site in Athens

The Greek Drug & Substitution User’s Union supported by the non-governmental organizations PRAKSIS, POSITIVE VOICE, PROMETHEUS, DIOGENIS Association and Centre for Life is strongly protesting in a letter to the President of the Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA) for the shutdown by summary procedure of the pilot Supervised injection site in Athens ODYSSEAS.”We are extremely frustrated by the fact that ODYSSEAS, one of the most indispensable and crucial units of OKANA, has been shut down with quick procedures, turning its back to all users and dooming them to constant insecurity and severe danger. Its even more important, especially during this period, that Athens experiences an outburst in terms of infections and a rise in homeless drug users that inject in very harmful and dangerous ways”. The Union is asking OKANA to explain how could it happen that Justice intervened and has shutdown the facility, what was the accusation that led to this decision and what has been the reaction of OKANA against the closure the of the site. “Did you do everything within your powers to resist against the accusations and to fight in order to keep the unit open?”

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