New report: Regional Conference 2018 at Thessaloniki

The report of the Annual Regional Conference in South East Europe, which was organized by “Diogenis Drug Policy Dialogue”in Thessaloniki from 8-9 June 2018, is now available at our website.

The conference brought together representatives of NGOs, Policy makers and researchers from 9 countries, active in the drugs field in the region, in order to discuss drug policy developments and trends, in view of socio-political developments and the implementation of the recommendations of the UNGASS outcome Document 2016.

You can download or read the full report (English) here.

The DPNSEE Newsletter #14 has just arrived!

The trimestral newsletter #14 of the “Drug Policy Network in SE Europe” has just arrived, with news from the activities of its member-organizations for the period April – June 2018!

You can read it or download it here. 

Reference on “Diogenis” at the news portal

Reference of the participation of “Diogenis” at the common activity (along with other NGOs) for the international campaign “Support. Don’t Punish”, on June 26th.


Publication at the news portal news247

An article by Christos Demetis, reporter, about the annual regional conference, organized by “Diogenis” at Thessaloniki (8-9 June), with the subject of “Drug policy in the context of socio-political developments and the implementation of the recommendations of the UNGASS 2016 outcome document”.


Article at Athens Voice news portal

Article about a crowdfunding campaign by Diogenis, for the needs of an interactive digital tool for people that are working on the street, supporting vulnerable populations and drug users. 

Publication at the weekly newspaper “ThessNews”

Publication for the awareness campaign by “Diogenis”, fighting stigma for PWUD, under the title “Persons Who Use Drugs Count”.


“Diogenis” co-singns international statement to end extrajudicial executions at Philippines.

NGO “Diogenis Drug Policy Dialogue” co-signed, along with 200 other civil society organizations, a statement calling for urgent measures to put an end to the extrajudicial executions policy of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and to seek justice. The statement was made public on Thursday 9/11 shortly before US President Donald Trump (who repeatedly praised Duterte’s drug war) met for the first time with Duterte during the Asian Nations Summit in the Philippines (ASEAN ) on 12-14 November. The meeting of the two Presidents took place today and, as expected, the issue of human rights and extrajudicial executions was not discussed.

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The 7th Regional Conference for Drug Policy in SE Europe

With the participation of the representative of the UNODC office in Vienna, Mrs Jo Dedeyne-Amann, the National Drug Coordinators of Croatia, Serbia and Romania, the scientific officer of the EKTEPN, representatives of organizations and scientists from 10 countries, the 7th Regional Conference on Drug Policy in Southeast Europe took place on 9-10 June, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Thessaloniki.

A total of 44 participants exchanged experiences and good practices on topics such as linking drugs to Sustainable Development Goals, Women and Drugs, Initiatives to Implement the UNGASS 2016 Conclusions in the Countries of the Region, Drugs and Internet, Harm Reduction in SE Europe, users’ involvement in drug policy, changing culture in drug use including new psychoactive substances.

Photo credits: Evita Paraskevopoulou

The full report of the conference will be available by the end of July.