Human Rights Day: Persons Who Use Drugs Count!

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day (December 10th), organization “Diogenis – Drug Policy Dialogue”, concludes its awareness campaign […]

The trimestral newsletter of DPNSEE just reached issue #15!

The trimestral newsletter #15 of the “Drug Policy Network in SE Europe” has just arrived, with news from the activities […]

New report: Regional Conference 2018 at Thessaloniki

The report of the Annual Regional Conference in South East Europe, which was organized by “Diogenis Drug Policy Dialogue”in Thessaloniki from 8-9 June 2018, […]

Report on meeting of NGOs and National Coordinators of SE Europe

“Diogenis, Drug Policy Dialogue” in co-operation with the “Drug Policy Network in South East Europe” (DPNSEE) and the Office for […]

Publication at the news portal news247

An article by Christos Demetis, reporter, about the annual regional conference, organized by “Diogenis” at Thessaloniki (8-9 June), with the […]