The new Law on addictive substances passed by the Greek Parliament and has been published in the Government Gazette.

On March 12, 2013 the Greek parliament voted in favour of the Act on Addictive Substances and published it in the Government Gazette (No Sheet 74 of 20 March 2013). The same law entitled “Code on Drugs” was discussed in the standing parliamentary committee of the House beginning of 2012, but it was not submitted for voting in Parliament because of disagreements among the political parties that supported the then government.The new law has been modified by the new government in which the parties New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic left are participating.
In matters of principle there has been a fundamental change. This change maintains the criminalization of drug use as well as possession and commission of drugs for personal use by any means. The legislative committee appointed by the government to prepare the draft law had proposed the decriminalisation of use. But the political parties that support the government and especially the conservative liberal party of New Democracy -the largest party of the coalition government- took a very firm stance that if decriminalisation would be part of the law they would vote against the bill. The two other coalition parties (PASOK and Democratic Left) compromised and ultimately the law was passed.

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